Our Services

It’s our belief that one of the best things a business can do is strike the right balance between specialization and diversification of services. We found that balance and are proud to offer both specialization and a variety of diverse skills and services.  Our contractors are roofers at heart, but they have highly specialized skills as well and can be utility players where needed.


Our roofing contractors are proficient in the following areas:

  • New Roof Construction – We can add the finishing touches on your dream home that keep the elements out and looks stylish to boot.
  • Roof Replacement or Patchwork– We can seamlessly repair or patch worn and damaged areas of your roof.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance– Pesky but important, outsource the sweat and hassle to us, we can make sure your roof is gleaming!
  • Roof Inspections – We can give your roof a once over if you are selling your home and can advise on insurance issues as well.
  • New Gutters – A critical part of any roof, especially in a wet climate — we get it done right the first time for your peace of mind.
  • Gutter Replacement – We stand behind all our work, but if something happens to your gutter we are happy to get it fixed up.
  • Waterproofing – Essentially any surface you want to keep water out of, we’ve got it covered with a solution.
  • Exterior Siding – We are proficient in most all exterior surfaces of your home, this includes siding.
  • Exterior Painting – We can finish siding as well as install it and work closely with a number of talented subcontractors for this type of work (as needed).
  • Facia Replacement – Sometimes facia can wear out or get damaged, when that happens we are there to touch things up!

This should give you some specifics as to what services we offer, but it also just scratches the surface. Commercial and residential roofing is our bread and butter and we know this type of work inside and out. However, if you have a unique project such as a metal roof or some specific custom job that you would like completed, feel free to ask us.

If you would like some more information, we would be happy to provide you with a bid or simply share our expertise by answering a question.